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So you are the new commander of the Fleet in this sector. It is a tough assignment for a rookie, even if you did graduate top of your class at the Academy and Staff School and have commanded several task forces. Now you are on the frontier. Six other races out there have their visual sensory organs on our space and planets. As commander, you are responsible for more than just the space units in your area of command. You also must regulate your planets' economy and production, and use the resources your planets produce to build up your combat and eco­nomic forces.


Once you secure your sector, you must expand our empire and drive the other races from our borders. Build up a force of Space Marines to land on enemy-controlled planets and capture them. Once these planets are firmly in your hands, build production centers there and further increase your economic base.

Success will bring you glory and fame in the Empire. The reward for failure will be your death by enemy fire. Good luck!

Star General Armada is a strategy game set in the future on the fringes of the galaxy. Seven primary races vie to control the various sec­tors, each trying to expand their empire and weaken those of their neighbors.


Star General Armada is the latest release in the 5-Star Series of games. Others in the series include Panzer General, Allied General and Fantasy General. Gameplay is similar to these earlier releases; how­ever, the strategies and tactics you must use to achieve victory are new. As commander of your race, you control the production of Resource Points you need to build combat and other types of units. There are also two zones of combat: Your spaceships sailing around the sector will battle enemy ships, while your land units defend your planets and invade the planets of others.


Star General Armada

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